by | Jun 9, 2020

Providing patients with a safe environment for their care and recovery requires a commitment to hand hygiene and the proper cleaning of the equipment used by healthcare professionals. Honeywell offers white disinfectant-ready CT40 models that are designed to resist the effects of harsh chemicals in a healthcare environment. This document will describe how to safely clean Honeywell disinfectant-ready mobile computers.


The CT40 HC Healthcare mobile computer is built for the unique demands of medical environments, made of ready-to-disinfect materials that are designed to withstand frequent cleaning using approved cleaning and disinfecting agents.


The CT40 HC Healthcare mobile computer is purpose-built for the unique demands of the healthcare environment, made from disinfectant-ready materials that are designed to withstand frequent cleaning using approved disinfecting and sanitizing agents.

Important: Please follow your organization’s infection-control policies and instructions provided by the disinfectant chemical manufacturer to determine the frequency and duration with which the following cleaning procedure should be performed.

Following these instructions:

  1. Turn off the device.

2. Ensure that the battery is properly installed in the computer to prevent liquid from entering the device.

3. Use a pre-moistened disinfectant wipe, or if using a liquid solution, apply the approved cleaning solution to a sterile cloth.

4. Wipe all surfaces of the Honeywell computer with the moistened cloth following the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

    • Avoid pooling the cleaning solution on any part of the product to prevent the liquid from gaining access to the inside of the device.
    • The touchscreen, scanner and camera windows, buttons, and connector area require the most attention to prevent liquid from entering the device.
    • Keep a dry sterile cloth ready to dry the device after cleaning.

5. Use a cotton-tipped swab to clean between the buttons and in other recessed areas of the computer.


6. The cradle contacts should be cleaned monthly with a cotton-tipped swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to provide the ideal charger-to-  battery contact.

7.  Let the computer completely air dry before turning on the power and/or placing it in a charger.

How to clean the touch screen and camera/scanner windows.

After cleaning and disinfecting the Honeywell computer, it is recommended that the screen and lens be cleaned with glass cleaner to remove any streaking from the previous cleaning process.

  1. Lightly moisten a lint-free sterile cloth with the approved glass cleaner.
  2. Wipe the screen and lens area of the device briefly and quickly wipe dry to remove streaks or spots.


The following cleaning solutions have been tested to assure safe cleaning of your disinfectant-ready CT40 HC mobile computer housing and connectors.

Damage caused by the use of cleaners other than those listed below may not be covered by the warranty.

  • Azowipe® 70% IPA disinfectant towels.
  • Clorox Dispatch® Hospital Cleaner chlorine disinfectant towels.
  • Clorox Formula 409® Glass and Surface Cleaner.
  • Clorox Healthcare® Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitizing Towels.
  • Clorox Healthcare Germicidal Chlorine Towels.
  • Clorox Healthcare Multi-Surface Alcohol Towels.
  • Diversey Oxivir® Tb towels. • Diversey Virex® II 256 One-Step Cleaner and Disinfectant.
  • Medipal® alcohol towels.
  • PDI Easy Screen® cleaning towels.
  • Germicidal disposable towels PDI Sani-Cloth® AF3.
  • Germicidal disposable towels with chlorine PDI Sani-Cloth.
  • Germicidal disposable towels PDI Sani-Cloth HB.
  • Progressive Products Wipes Plus®.
  • SaniHands® Instant Sanitation Towels.
  • Sani Professional® multi-surface disinfectant towels.
  • Sterets Alcowipe®.
  • Veridien Viraguard®.
  • 10% chlorine (0.55% sodium hypochlorite and 90% water solution).
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide and 97% water solution.
  • Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides 0.125%.
  • Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides 0.14%.
  • 55% isopropyl alcohol.
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol towels.
  • 3% Medical Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • 75% medicinal alcohol.
  • 0.55% sodium hypochlorite.
  • 0.05% sodium hypochlorite solution.


Source: Honeywell