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Labels for Electronics

Solutions for the automation of printing processes, identification, and tracking.

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We´ve provide a whole identification and traceability solutions for the electronic industry, helping them to comply with the strict regulations and guidelines needed.

The electronic industry manufactures an enormous amount of specialized electronic components used worldwide. Because of this, the complexity of its processes is constantly evolving with technology, making it possible to stay relevant, competitive, and pushing for innovation.
The importance of this industry within others is critical, because of the components, semiconductors, PCB boards and batteries needed in other industries to complete their processes.

Our labeling, printing, and tracking solutions

Extreme temperature resistant labels

QuickShip Labels (ready to go) & Specialized ribbons.

Custom labels

Almost any size, special shapes, and configurations (Kapton and polyester 51 y 25).

RFID Solutions

Printers, scanners, mobile computing, vision, and verification systems.


Printers, scanners, mobile computing, vision, and verification systems.


Approved by UL, cUL, CSA and UDI.

Specialized ribbons

Wax, Resin and Wax/Resin.

What are printing requirements?

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