The importance of labels

by | Jun 1, 2021

Labels do not usually have the recognition they deserve, and they tend to go unnoticed in the eyes of people, however, labels are part of our day to day and that is why there are companies like RSI Mexico that are dedicated and specialize in the manufacturing these products.

What are the labels and where do they come from?

Labels have been present in the history of humanity since man began to market merchandise, although these labels were originally purely for the commercial process, in the last 30 years their purpose has evolved to being most important for traceability and identification of products, equipment or resources.

There are a great variety of labels as well as different industries in which they can be used, the most common and with which we all relate when we hear the word label, is with the commerce and retail, which as we indicated above was the trigger for this need, however, there are also labels for the health, food, textile and manufacturing sectors, the latter using labels for identification and traceability of parts in their manufacturing processes.

The importance of labels

We already know where they come from and what are some of the applications that exist in the different sectors, but how important are labels? well, this depends on each sector, although in a simple answer, we would tell you that labels are very important.


Let us use the labeling in the health sector as an example, these labels can be insignificant in the sight of any person, but they have  the responsibility of maintaining the health and recovery of patients; from medications that contain a label with detailed information so that the doctor can use them correctly, to the wristband worn by the patient where information about their treatment and corresponding medications is placed.

Just as in the health sector, labels are equal or more important for each sector to which it is intended, for retail a good label determines the image of how the brand will be received by consumers, in the food sector, it is very important to have clear information about what they are consuming, and in the manufacturing industry, labels are part of the assembly, identification and part tracking for different processes.

It would be very difficult if not impossible to be able to identify a drug without a label that specifies what it contains, or to try to keep track of the thousands of parts that make up a car in the assembly process.

In addition to labels hardware such as scanners, mobile computers, printers, etc. are an important part of the product identification and tracking process.

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