Migrate or upgrade to the latest Android OS with Zebra and Honeywell

by | Jun 8, 2021

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows® Embedded CE 6.0. and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5. With this, the aging of your mobile devices and their operating systems can be expensive and unsafe. That means that your devices that currently run these operating systems will not be protected against recent security threats, nor will they have new apps on the market.

This does not mean that your devices no longer work, you only need to update your Android operating system to a more recent one or, migrate from Windows to Android.

Why upgrade or migrate?

Major mobility trends, such as consumerization, the Internet of Things, and personal device integration (BYOD) programs, challenge, change, and shape not only workplace trends, but also the idea of ​​what it is today’s work place.

These events are driving an unprecedented revolution in workforce mobility, which more and more organizations can join quickly, easily, and cost-effectively with Android.

Why Android?

It is not a secret that the reach and popularity of the operating system belonging to Google, far surpasses its competitors, both in accessibility and in the number of users, whether professionally or commercially.

Today Android is known to billions of people around the world. Recognizing your devices, your interface, your applications, and your logo. Likewise, Android, which is now widely used on Chromebooks, televisions, handheld devices and even cars, is found in four out of five consumer devices.

In fact, having earned and held the largest share of the global smartphone market, Android is now officially the world’s most popular and dominant mobile operating system.

Android devices

Now, with the departure of Microsoft’s operating systems, Android takes advantage of the equipment offered by the large manufacturers of solutions in tablets, printers or mobile terminals for the tracking and use of barcodes.

Two of the main manufacturers, Zebra and Honeywell, have already been betting on this implementation for a couple of years, so their new devices already have an Android or IOS operating system, thus guaranteeing the continuity and protection of each and every one of your needs as a client.

The new Android models, both from Zebra and Honeywell, will make your workforce more efficient, agile and mobile with each and every one of their devices designed for your needs.

We invite you to know the products that Zebra and Honeywell have for you with the Android operating system.

We invite you to know the products that Zebra and Honeywell have for you with the Android operating system.