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TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS Barcode Label Design Software

TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS is an enterprise label management solution designed specifically to address chemical labeling requirements.

Eliminating risk and improving control is critical in an organization that handles chemicals which are potentially hazardous. TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS helps automate the entire labeling process and provides central management to ensure process enforcement and additional control.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS unites the widely used TEKLYNX enterprise software CODESOFT, SENTINEL, and LABEL ARCHIVE into a single solution, which helps you manage enterprise labeling users, licenses, and installation within one interface.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS can pull symbols, signal words, and hazard elements from a centralized database, ensuring that your labels contain essential, approved messages to increase efficiency. Its simplified print interface reduces reprints and saves material costs. Get a head start on GHS compliance by implementing a single solution that meets all of your business needs!

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