Custom holographic laminate

Zebra’s patented wasteless laminate design features linerless media with a single core and no carrier  eliminating more than 50% of the waste compared to competitor laminates. In addition, Zebra’s wasteless laminates offer simple loading/reloading operations and a larger roll capacity, saving money and time. With savings of more than 30% over the competition, our laminates provide the lowest cost-per-card in the industry.

Lamination is the application of a polyester film onto a card’s surface to protect it from wear and tear, UV rays and tampering. The film is applied at a very high temperature over the printed text or image on the card. Obtaining the high temperature requires special equipment: a laminator. Laminators utilize hot rollers that adhere the film onto the card. The film is available in a variety of configurations for use on Holographic Wallpaper: standard or smart cards.

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