Durasecure Ribbon

The DuraSecure Ribbon YMCKOO

The ribbon DuraSecure YMCKOO offers an alternative to lamination with increased durability and additional safety features. With two full coated panels to increase the longevity of the cards, the ribbon offers peace of mind with the ability to create watermarks and secured images. DuraSecure combines flexibility and efficiency to provide a superior solution for the traditional siding panel + overlay tape.

Unique to the market
• Adding a second overlay panel to our standard color ribbon – YMCKOO.
• Flexible – addresses more than one need. 

– Durability
• Added durability without the additional cost of lamination or overlay varnish.
• The second O panel can be applied full coverage to a printed card.
• Customers can get up to 50% more durability compared to a standard color ribbon.
– Security
• Added security without the hassle of holograms or other watermark solutions.
• No MOQ, set-up fees, or long lead times.
• The second O panel can be printed to create an overt/covert security feature
Overt Printing a bitmap image with the extra Overlay panel creates a “watermark” feature that is faint, but visible to the human eye Covert. This image also fluoresces under Uv light creating a covert security feature.
• Economical and very efficient
– Customers can add extra durability or enhanced security in a single print cycle

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