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EDA50 Honeywell Portable Terminal

The EDA50 Honeywell Portable Terminal is an enterprise hybrid device and provides an excellent experience to workers. Be it, both inside and outside of an office and when they need to get visibility in real time. Especially relevant, of vital information for the business. Therefore, it has been designed for daily use. And in addition, it allows you to access, capture and send essential information for the business in real time. Whether it be for road sales professionals as well as field service personnel. And also, retail business workers. So it combines modern, ergonomic and easy-to-use touchscreen with the latest advances in modern mobile technology. And it also ensures maximum accessibility to co-workers and business systems. Either from the Android ™ operating system, which has been so well received. Finally ideal for multiple functions due to benefits.

Additionally, the processor is designed to meet the needs of front-line mobile workers. And either, up to powerful storage capacities and advanced data capture options. So designed to withstand heavy use, and workers can count on long-lasting battery life. Especially relevant, for a full shift due to excellent management, in addition to a robust touch panel. And also due to an easy-to-read display indoors and outdoors. Then the ergonomic design ensures maximum ease of use and comfort. And also, the possibility of carrying it in your pocket, then because of its size. The business hybrid device combines reliability and ease of use to provide mobile workers with real-time visibility. Either of vital information for the business. Then it offers an industry-leading platform: the Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 410 processor with quad-core CPU.

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