Honeywell CN70

Intermec CN70 and CN70e terminals are ideal for mobile applications that require a compact format without detriment to robustness. New-generation architecture and custom-made ergonomic design, combined with market-leading data capture and wireless communication capabilities, enable optimal worker productivity in the most demanding environments.

The pace and competitiveness of business today doesn’t allow for missed deadlines. Success depends on your ability to prevent a problem before it impacts your mobile workers’ productivity, and ultimately your revenue and customers’ satisfaction.

When the reliability, efficiency and accuracy of your operations are the foundation to your competitive advantage, there is no room for compromise. The Intermec 70 Series family of mobile computers provides unparalleled performance and reliability enabling enabling you to run your operations with confidence.

The CN70 and CN70e mobile computers’ unique device health reporting capability provides insight never before available to allow mobile workers and IT administrators to monitor and prevent issues before they impact operations. Key sub-systems, including scanning, communications and battery life, can be monitored by either the mobile worker via an on-board dashboard utility or remotely through the SmartSystems™ console, resulting in better utilization of your mobile computing assets

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