Honeywell IP2L

The Intermec IP2L LF/UHF RFID reader is a snap-on peripheral for the Intermec CN70 and CN70e mobile computers, providing dual UHF and LF RFID capability. As a leader in RFID technology and rugged mobile computers, Intermec continues to enable comprehensive automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions with mobile RFID.

For asset tracking and maintenance verification applications, either inside the four walls or in the field, the IP2L enables shortrange LF or UHF RFID reading without compromising the full feature set of the CN70 and CN70e mobile computers, including advanced bar code scanning, GPS location association, and communication via multiple network radios, including the latest wireless WAN (cellular) technologies.

The durable IP54 environmental rating and optional UL Class I, Division 2 non-incendive configuration allows the IP2L to be used in rough, demanding field environments. Combining two RFID technologies, the IP2L supports traditional LF and UHF applications and mixed environments of both tag types, making the IP2L ideal for mobile, field-based asset tracking and maintenance verification solutions in oil and gas, heavy industrial and other field service market segments.

As a snap-on module, the reader can be added to an existing fleet of mobile
computers without compromising any of the features of the host mobile computer. With support for Wi-Fi and wireless WAN connectivity through the CN70 or CN70e mobile computer, the IP2L supports a data connection nearly anywhere and enables GPS location association for real-time asset, source and service tracking.

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