K-50D Quick Label

The K-50D is small and tough. It prints small, durable labels that withstand big challenges from industrial environments. It uses QuickLabel’s pigment ink formulation to produce printed labels that resists international shipping, scratches, scrapes, spills, and scuffs. The Kiaro! 50D is compatible with matte polypropylene and paper label materials. You don’t have to laminate labels printed by the Kiaro! 50D – they are already tough enough!
The K-50D is ideal for printing small GHS labels with red and black pictograms that also have brand logos and product graphics in full CMYK color!  At speeds of 68 labels per minute (based on a 2” x 4” label), the K- 50D is a great solution for printing color labels on demand in moderate volumes. It’s perfect for printing medical device labels, clinical trial labels, pharmaceutical labels, patient wristbands, supply chain “pick and pack” or “track and trace” labels, and labels for other applications that require printed labels to endure environmental challenges such as exposure to chemicals, solvents, moisture, or abrasion.

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