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TEKLYNX Label Archive

LABEL ARCHIVE offers secure approval and label storage for your entire organization. Specifically designed to integrate with CODESOFT, LABEL ARCHIVE’s features follow your label from initial design to approval to final distribution and everything in between, giving your business the ability to comply with multiple industry standards. LABEL ARCHIVE eliminates manual processes surrounding label format approval and also helps eliminate usererror by allowing printing of only approved labels.

Key features in LABEL ARCHIVE
• Seamless Reprint Capabilities – Maximize your productivity by printing previously printed labels, skipping the process of having to resend print jobs.
• Monitor Revision and Print History – See who did what and when they did it to provide your company with full traceability.
• Lock Previously Approved Labels – Provides an additional layer of security by locking labels so users can only access the approved version.
• Mass Import – Allows users to import multiple labels into LABEL ARCHIVE at once, saving time.
• Windows Active Directory Integration – Use existing Windows Active Directory users to avoid managing users in two places.
• Metadata – Pre-filter your templates by label property metadata like label size, barcode type, database connection, and text, or user-generated tags like customer names and product lines.


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