LVS 9510

The LVS 9510 is certified by GS1 and strictly complies with ISO / CEN / ANSI standards. Its ease of use and the ability to verify 1D and 2D codes without the need for any changes in the equipment, make it the perfect ally to ensure the quality of the codes. The verifier automatically discriminates between symbologies and reports each of the results obtained for the different magnitudes measured in the code, verifying any of the existing symbologies. The software of the equipment complies with 21CFR Part 11.

The LVS-9510 is a high-performance system for off-line verification of barcodes to ISO/IEC, ANSI, GS1, and UDI standards. The LVS-9510 is unique in the world of ISO verification due to its ease of use and ability to verify linear (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) codes without any change of equipment. The system automatically determines the symbology and aperture needed to evaluate the code and identifies and highlights trouble spots. The LVS-9510 offers a “stitching” feature that allows grading of barcodes that are larger than the field of view.

ISO/ANSI for 1D: LVS-95XX series barcode verifiers inspect all nine ISO/ ANSI parameters for linear (1D) barcodes, have the ability to identify blemishes, and can perform simple human-readable validation.

ISO/ANSI for 2D: The LVS-95XX series verifies 2D codes and reports all parameters as specified in the applicable symbology specification.

Analytical Tools: Equipped with numerous analytical tools to identify and evaluate barcode errors. Problems are color-coded to make problem solving easy.

Software: LVS-95XX software includes GS1 System Symbol Specification Tables. GS1 tables set standards for barcode data structure and how to maintain the quality of codes during barcode creation. Microscan offers an online training course on GS1 tables and how these apply to different organizations.

Software Upgrade: EAIV The Enhanced Application Identifier Verification (EAIV) option verifies that all GS1 Application Identifiers, such as Expiration Date, Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), and Batch Number, embedded in the data structure of a GS1 barcode match the data programmed in the EAIV feature by the user.

User Permission Options: Manage permissions through LVS-95XX software: Passwords are stored in a local database. All passwords are encrypted, include an expiration date, and count failed password attempts.


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