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MC3300 Mobile Computer

The MC3300 makes it easy for you to migrate to the next generation of mobile business platforms – Android. The same operating system that revolutionized the consumer world is now ready for business, providing a proven mobility platform and guaranteed security support. This next generation of the successful MC3000 series offers you everything you need to run your business today and in the future. You can run current terminal emulation (TE) applications without configuration, or reformat to create intuitive displays that use tactile feedback to simplify the user experience.

When it comes to features and options, this class-leading device delivers on what it promises: it offers a lightweight ergonomic design, a large touchscreen, multiple keyboard options, unmatched scanning performance, and much more. And with its multiple form factors, the MC3300 gives you unmatched versatility and flexibility, from warehouse to retail. The MC3300 – The Simple Way To Power Your Business With Advanced Android Mobile Computing.

MC3300 with straight trigger
(45 ° scan and 0 ° scan):
7.96 in L x 2.94 in W x 1.35 in D
202.2mm L x 74.7mm W x 34.5mm D
MC3300 with turret / swivel head:
8.79 in L x 2.94 in W x 1.35 in D
223.4mm L x 74.7mm W x 34.5mm D
MC3300 pistol style:
7.96 in L x 2.94 in W x 6.45 in D
202.6mm L x 74.7mm W x 163.9mm D
MC3300 with straight trigger
(scan at 0 °):
13.2 oz / 375 g
MC3300 with turret / swivel head:
13.3 oz / 377 g
MC3300 pistol style:
17.8 oz / 505 g
MC3300 (45 ° scan):
13.5 oz / 382 g

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