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MC9300 handheld mobile computer

Every day, more than three million workers use the MC9000 Series mobile computer to optimize processes in warehouses and factories around the world. But now, more orders need to be handled and shipped every day, faster than ever.

Introducing the mobile computer that will let you do all of this: the MC9300, the next generation of the world’s best-selling and most reliable business mobile computer. Workers will get the most simplicity from Android, an operating system they already know, plus a large advanced touchscreen and more.

Manage all your applications with the latest in memory and processing power. New data capture capabilities include optional front and rear cameras, extraordinary scan ranges, and superior direct mark of part (DPM) capture.

On a single charge, the new battery lasts twice as long as the MC9200 computer. It’s the toughest MC9000 Series computer ever built, ready to outlast nearly any device in its class in any environment, including cold rooms. The new Mobility DNA solutions make it easy to manage device, operating system security and battery, as well as providing more robust wireless connections than ever. And since you can run your Terminal Emulation (TE) applications without prior configuration, migration to Android couldn’t be easier.

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