Pressiza 03C (Polypropylene Clear Liner)

Pressiza 03C is a thermofixed label, biaxially-oriented, with a co-extruded polypropylene film, with good opacity and a bright high-gloss white background. The surface has a top coating to provide superior printing capability through gravure, screen printing, typography and flexographic processes, using a wide variety of different inks. This front material has excellent moisture resistance, good punching and dispensing characteristics.

Adhesive: Pressiza 03C is a clear general purpose acrylic adhesive. It exhibits a balance of release properties to enable high speed conversion and dispensing of increasingly thinner substrates. The adhesion performance is designed for substrates of low surface energy, which allows lasting performance in rigid and compressible containers. It has been specifically designed to exhibit excellent wetting characteristics and resistance to water bleaches.

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