Pressiza 04 (Paper)

Facestock: Pressiza 04 is an ultra-smooth coated casing that provides high-quality bar code printing for high and medium speed printers. The erase resistance has been optimized for a coated paper, but caution is recommended with contact scanners.

Adhesive: Pressiza 04 is a universal versatile permanent adhesive designed for excellent adhesion to corrugated cardboard and superior adhesion to plastics. It offers excellent initial adhesion and final adhesion, especially at lower temperatures, without sacrificing high-speed conversion. Meets the requirements of FDA CFR 175.105 for indirect contact with food. Compliance with this regulation allows the use of this adhesive in applications for which the adhesive (1) is separated from the food by a functional barrier, which prevents migration of any of the adhesive components to the food, or (2) has incidental contact. with food limited to the amount of traces in the seams or on the edges of the label.

Liner: is a kraft material bleached, calendared, with high internal resistance, resistance and resistance to tearing. It is mainly used for roll-to-roll label applications.

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