Pressiza 25 (Chromed Polyester)

Pressiza 25 is a metallic film with a matte finish with excellent resistance to tearing, heat, dimensional stability, opacity and chemical resistance. Designed for printing with most solvents and some water-based flexographic inks. Suitable for thermal transfer printing applications with selected thermal transfer ribbons. Specific tests are required.

Adhesive: Pressiza 25 is a high resolution, solvent and transparent acrylic adhesive, with balanced adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including low surface energy plastics, engineering plastics, bare metals, coated or painted, including powder and enamel paints. It has medium adhesion for good short-term repositionability, low exudation and excellent chemical and UV resistance for outdoor industrial applications.

Liner: Pressiza 25 is a bleached, super calendared paper with very good cutting and remolding properties. Suitable for reprinting with standard inks.

Pressiza 25 Matte finished metallic film featuring excellent tear strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, opacity and chemical resistance.
Designed for printing with most solvent and some waterbased flexographic inks.
Suitable for thermal transfer printing applications with select thermal transfer ribbons.
Bleached, supercalendered paper stock with very good  diecutting and matrix stripping properties.
Suitable for back printing with standard inks.

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