Pressiza 72

Pressiza 72 is a polyamide film with a permanent high temperature pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high-opacity light yellow top layer designed specifically for bar codes or alphanumeric identification of printed circuit boards or related electronic components by printing by thermal transfer.


  • Polyimide film with a high-temperature permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high opacity, light yellow topcoat specifically designed for barcode or alphanumeric identification of printed circuit boards, or related electronic components using thermal transfer printing.
  • Specifically designed for high-temperature-lead-free solder applications.
  • It is the ideal label to withstand surface mount board processes, on either the top or bottom side of the board. It can also be used on the top side of the board in mixed processes, and is recommended for the bottom side that is directly exposed to the wave solder environment.
  • Top coat & print should not be contacted while exposed to elevated temperature.
  • Particularly useful in manufacturing processes where dimensional stability of the label is critical.
  • Color coding for RoHS manufacturing process line differentiation.
  • Color coding sub-assemblies.

Suggested applications: 

  • IC labeling for work in process, permanent ID & warranty labeling.
  • Product ID, asset tracking.
  • Anywhere a label will be exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Designed to work in automatic label application equipment.

Important: Pressiza 72 topcoat, in combination with the appropriate thermal transfer ribbon, passes the requirements of MIL STD-202G, Notice 12, Method 215K and MIL-STD-883E, Notice 4, Method 2015.13.

Adhesive: Thickness 0.0020 +/- 10% inches
Peel Adhesion: Stainless Steel: 35 oz/inch
20 minute dwell > 35 oz/in
24 hour dwell > 40 oz/in

Temperature ranges: Long Term 100 hours at 302°F (150°C). Operating 5 minutes at 500°F (260°C). Short term 90 seconds at 572°F (300°C).

Liner: Basis Weight > 1200 g/in.

Shelf Life: 1 year below 80ºF (27ºC) and 60% R.H.

Face: Caliper 0.0024 +/- 10% inches.

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