Pressiza 73

Pressiza 73 is a 2 mil (50 μ) polyamide film with a high temperature permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high-opacity matte white top layer specifically designed for thermal transfer printing.


  • 2 mil (50µ) polyimide film with a high-temperature permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high opacity, matte white topcoat specifically designed for thermal transfer printing.
  • Preheating the labeled product can further enhance print permanence in the case of extreme solvent and/or abrasion exposure, although this is not typically required for board processing applications.
  • The surface that you want to label should be clean, dry and free of any surface contamination, such as dust, oil or rust. Isopropyl alcohol would be a recommend solvent to clean the surface.
  • When you apply the label, you must use firm pressure to increase the physical contact of the adhesive with the surface of the product.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives will provide stronger bonds to a warm surface, as compared to a colder surface. The adhesive will ‘flow’ more readily, increasing the surface area and increasing the adhesion peel strength.
  • Topcoat & print should not be contacted while exposed to elevated temperature.

Suggested applications: 

  • PCB identification.
  • Electronic components.
  • Hand held devices.
  • Metals processing applications: slabs, coils, rolls.
  • IC labeling for work in process, permanent ID & warranty labeling.
  • Product ID, asset tracking.
  • Anywhere a label will be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Important: Pressiza 73 topcoat in combination with the appropriate thermal transfer ribbon, passes the requirements of MIL-STD-202G, Notice 12, Method 215K.

Adhesive: Thickness 0.0015 +/- 10% inches
Peel Adhesion: Stainless Steel: 35 oz/inch
20 minute dwell > 35 oz/in
24 hour dwell > 40 oz/in

Temperature ranges: Long Term 100 hours at 302°F (150°C).
Operating 5 minutes at 500°F (260°C).
Short term 90 seconds at 572°F (300°C).

Liner: Basis Weight > 1200 g/in.

Shelf Life: 1 year below 80ºF (27ºC) and 60% R.H.

Face: Caliper 0.0024 +/- 10% inches.

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