Pressiza A25

Pressiza A25 is a matte finished metallic film with excellent tear resistance, heat resistance, dimensional stability, opacity and chemical resistance. Designed for printing with most solvent and some water-based flexographic inks. Suitable for thermal transfer printing applications with selected thermal transfer ribbons. Specific tests are required.


  • 2 Mil Matte Chrome Polyester TC is a matte finished metallic film  featuring excellent tear strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, opacity and chemical resistance.
  • Designed for printing with most solvent and some waterbased flexographic inks.
  • Suitable for thermal transfer printing applications with select thermal transfer ribbons.
  • An excellent general purpose industrial grade clear permanent acrylic adhesive.
  • Features  high  initial  tack  to  most high  and  medium  surface energy substrates.
  • Bleached, supercalendered  paper  stock  with  very good die-cutting and matrix-stripping properties.
  • This  liner  should  not  be  used  in fan-folded  label  applications and is not recommended for back printability.

Suggested applications: 

  • Product  identification.
  • Labels.
  • Barcode labels.
  • Rating plates.
  • Work  in  process  (WIP) labels.
  • Property  identification  or asset tags.
  • Durable goods labeling.
  • Recognized  for  UL 969 component labels.

Important: The substances  listed  in  article  4 lid 1 of 2002/95/EU (RoHS) are not intentionally used in this product. The  concentration limits  of  these substances will not exceed the set maximum concentration limits as provided  in  the  proposed  amendment for 2002/95/EU. 

Adhesive: Thickness 0.0008 +/- 10% inches
Peel Adhesion Stainless Steel: 35.8 oz/inch
Temperature ranges: Minimum Application +25° F (-4°C)
Service Ranges -40° F to +300° F (-40°C to +149°C)

Liner: Caliper 0.0032 +/- 10% inches
Basis Weight 54.5 lbs per ream
(24” x 36” 500 sheets)
Shelf Life: Unless specified otherwise in this document, one year when stored at 72°F at 50% RH.

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