Pressiza I04

Pressiza I04 is an opaque matte white polypropylene synthetic material finished with the appearance and texture of the paper and the moisture resistance of a film. The matte sheet is specifically designed for use in color-based inkjet printers. It combines good inkjet printing quality with fast ink drying time for applications that require variable information in combination with full color graphics. It is not recommended for flexographic printing.


  • Matte finished opaque white polypropylene synthetic material with the look and feel of paper and the moisture resistance of a film.
  • Specifically engineered for use in dye based on demand inkjet printers.
  • It combines good inkjet print quality with fast ink drying time for applications requiring variable information in conjunction with  full color graphics.
  • Not recommended for flexo printing.
  • High performance, clear permanent emulsion acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with balanced adhesion to a wide variety of  substrates, including low surface energy plastics, engineering grade  plastics,  bare,  coated,  or painted  metals,  including  powder coat and enamel paints.
  • Bleached  supercalendered  kraft  stock  featuring  high  internal strength, toughness, and tear resistance.

Suggested applications:  It features medium tack and excellent  chemical  and  UV resistance for  outdoor industrial applications. Ideally  suited  for  marginal punchingperforating, and fan-folding.

Important: This adhesive  compositionally complies  with  Title  21  Code  of Federal  Regulations  (C.F.R.) Section  175.105 (“Adhesives”). Compliance  with  this  regulation permits the use of this adhesive in applications  provided  the adhesive  is separated from  food by  a  functional  barrier  or  1)  with dry  food,  the  quantity  of  the adhesive  does  not  exceed  the limits  of good manufacturing practice,  or  2)  with  fatty  and aqueous foods, the quantity of the adhesive  that  contacts  the  food does not exceed the trace amount at seams and at the edge exposure between packaging laminates that may  occur  within  the  limits of
good manufacturing practice.

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