Pressiza R01

The Pressiza R01 is a smooth, shiny white paper with a high sensitivity thermal layer. It is specifically designed to work well in the service counter and deli applications, with resistance to moisture, heat, PVC and other common contaminants. This product is also suitable for package delivery and industrial packaging distribution, where moderate moisture resistance, stretch wrapping and abrasion are required.


  • Direct thermal smooth,  bright  white  paper  with  a  high sensitivity thermal layer.
  • Rubber-based adhesive featuring high initial tack and ultimate bond  strength  to  a  wide  variety  of substrates,  including  low surface  energy  plastics,  glass,  and  corrugated  cardboard (engineered specifically for cold, damp environments typical of dairy environments).
  • Bleached  calendered  kraft  stock  featuring  high  internal strength, toughness and tear resistance.
  • Used primarily for roll-to-roll label applications.

Suggested applications: Specifically designed to perform well in service counter and  case-ready deli applications, with resistance to  moisture, heat, PVC, and other common contaminants. This product is also well suited for  parcel  delivery  and industrial  case distribution where moderate  resistance  to moisture,  stretch  wrap,  and abrasion is required.

Important: This  adhesive  is  suitable  for applications  which  require compliance  with  FDA  175.105. This  section  covers applications where incidental contact between food and the adhesive could occur.

Adhesive: Thickness 1.0 mil
Peel Adhesion HDPE: 1.8 lbs
Temperature Ranges: Minimum Application +25° F (-4°C)
Service Ranges -65° F to +160° F (-54°C to +71°C)
Liner: Caliper 0.0024 +/- 10% targe
Basis Weight 39.1# per ream +/- 10%
(24” x 36” 500 sheets)
Face: Caliper 0.0032 +/- 10% inches
Shelf Life: Unless specified otherwise in this document, ideally stored at 72°F at 50% RH.

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