Pressiza R03

Pressiza R03 is a heat-coextruded polypropylene film, biaxially-oriented, with good opacity and a bright white background. The surface has been coated with an upper layer to provide superior printability through flexographic, gravure, screen-printing and UV-based printing processes, using a wide variety of different inks. This material has excellent moisture resistance and a good cutting and dispensing characteristic.


  • Heat set, biaxiallyoriented, coextruded polypropylene film, with good opacity and a bright white high gloss background.
  • The surface has been topcoated to provide superior printability by UV  and  water-based  flexographic,  gravure,  silkscreen  and  letterpress processes, using a wide variety of different inks.
  • Specially  formulated  acrylic  adhesive  designed  for  ease  of  removability  from  plastic  packaging  while  maintaining  good peel performance.
  • Bleached  supercalendered  kraft  stock  featuring  high  internal strength, toughness and tear resistance.
  • Used primarily for roll-to-roll label applications.

Suggested applications: This face stock has excellent moisture resistance, and good die cutting and dispensing characteristics.

Important: This  adhesive  is  suitable  for applications  which  require compliance with  FDA  175.105. This  section  covers applications where incidental contact between food and the adhesive could occur. Title  21,  Section  175.105  of  the Code  of  Federal Regulations  (21 CFR 175.105). Compliance to this regulation permits the use of this adhesive in applications for which the adhesive either  (1)  is separated  from  the  food  by  a functional  barrier,  which  will prevent the migration of any of the adhesive components to the food, or  (2)  has  incidental  contact  with food limited to the trace amount at the seams or the  edges of the label.

Adhesive: Thickness 2.0 mil
Peel Adhesion Stainless Steel: 0.87 lbs
Temperature Ranges: Minimum Application +40° F (+4°C)
Service Ranges 0° F to +200° F (-18°C to +93°C)
Liner: Caliper 0.0025 +/- 10% targe
Basis Weight 42# per ream +/- 10%
(24” x 36” 500 sheets)
Face: Caliper 0.0023 +/- 10% inches
Shelf Life: Unless specified otherwise in this document, ideally stored at 72°F at 50% RH.

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