PVC Premier

When you choose PVC Premier cards, you get durable PVC plastic cards with long life. Choose from a variety of customizable cards that suit your needs.

Zebra Premier Proximity Cards enable customers to create custom, pre-printed and programmed cards with any Zebra card printer*. The cards have a read range of up to 5 inches so users can scan their cards without removing them from badge holders, wallets and purses. The cards offer universal compatibility with proximity card readers.

When used in an access control application, Zebra Premier Proximity Cards are an effective way to protect company personnel and assets by restricting access to buildings, rooms or other secure locations.
Meeting ISO standards for thickness, these durable cards are made of high-quality PVC to be strong, yet flexible, and resistant to cracking and breaking. Additionally, they feature a printable PVC surface with a glossy finish. Zebra
Premier Proximity Cards provide consistent high-quality printed cards every time. Sold in boxes of 500, the cards can be formatted and pre-programmed with an external number for easy identification and control. And, the cards support 26-37 bit encoding and accept either a horizontal or vertical slot punch for integration into customers’ current access control systems

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