QL-800 Quick Label

With its powerful digital engine, the QL-800 enables you to print your own color labels in short-run batches, saving you money and time compared to purchasing excessive quantities of pre-printed labels from a commercial label printing company. With your entrepreneurial marketing ideas, you enable the QL-800 to print beautiful, perfectly-tailored product labels that will please and inform your customers and business partners.

The QL-800 is designed with all the power of a high-end digital printing press, but it’s sold at just a fraction of the price and fits on your desk or tabletop. The QL-800 label printer is the fastest, most versatile in-house digital color label printer available. It combines printing of both narrow and wide labels with high speed, high-quality output. The QL-800 is the best tool for customizing your product labels in affordable small quantities.
When you start printing your own labels in your own office or factory using the QL-800, you’ll move beyond excess inventory and production delays. You will move toward the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of digitally printing the right label for the right customer in the right quantity on time. As a true digital printer, the QL-800 easily prints labels with any text, barcode, or graphics in affordable small batches, perfect for labeling multiple different products or labeling for different wholesale customers.
As a QuickLabel printer, it should be understood that the QL-800 makes great-looking labels that perform well even in challenging conditions. Your products will look appealing and professional, with bright, vivid inks that reproduce a wide gamut of colors. Available in large capacity, high-yield separate cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) cartridges, the QL-800 inks are moisture-resistant and fade-resistant, especially when printed on QuickLabel’s tested and qualified label materials.

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