Security Laminates (Covert-Level 2 Security)

Companies that rely on tight security depend on these security laminates, which provide security features that require a device to read the micro or hidden text.

Zebra’s stock laminates provide security, protection and extended card life for a range of card applications in various industries—including higher education,
government, hospitality, retail and healthcare.

Benefits include:
• Tamper-resistant and anti-counterfeiting holographic features to protect against alteration and duplication.
• Protection of card images, colors and printed data against fading due to UV rays and from scratching due to daily wear and tear.
You can purchase any of our clear and holographic stock laminates with:
• No minimum order
• No origination fee
• Fast delivery

Lamination is the application of a polyester film onto a card’s surface to protect it from wear and tear, UV rays and tampering. The film is applied at a very high temperature over the printed text or image on the card. Obtaining the high temperature requires special equipment: a laminator.
Laminators utilize hot rollers that adhere the film onto the card. The film is available in a variety of configurations for use on Holographic Wallpaper: standard or smart cards.

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