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TEKLYNX Sentinel Label Printing Automation

Do you wish your ERP system would also print your product, parts, pallet, and shipping labels? SENTINEL can make that happen. By capturing data from your existing system, SENTINEL can automatically determine the label format, what data should print, and what printer to use.
SENTINEL is low maintenance and efficient, saving you time by eliminating unnecessary processes and the need for manual support.

Benefits of SENTINEL
• Flexible – Integrates with multiple systems and prints to multiple printers across your enterprise environment.
• Scalable – SENTINEL can grow with your business by enabling you to quickly and easily add printers to your existing network.
• Accurate – Combined with CODESOFT, you will get precise WYSIWYG results from screen label design to printed label.
• Remote Administration – System configuration setup, management, and editing can be accessed remotely through an Internet connection.
• Multi-Threaded – SENTINEL sends labels to multiple printers on your network at one time.
• Customizable – Set priority levels for your print requests according to your business needs.
• Reliable – SENTINEL manages duplication of all configuration data, ensuring that you have a secondary server to rely on during upgrades or scheduled maintenance.


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