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TC72 WLAN AND TC77 WWAN Touch Computers

The TC72 and TC77 Android touch computers are based on the successful TC70 / TC75 Series family. They provide workers both on and off-site with the most advanced ultra-rugged, all-touch computer – a smartphone experience for ease-of-use, the latest in ultra-rugged design, and a new platform that offers more capabilities than the rest of the world. devices of its class, for maximum staff empowerment.

Get the latest in value-adding features. Get superior and reliable Wi-Fi connections with WorryFree WiFi. With the PowerPrecision Console, easily identify and remove old mobile computer batteries before they affect productivity. LifeGuard’s new analytics, Analytics, offers revolutionary control of the entire operating system update process. And StageNow’s new Restricted Mode lets you control access to industry-first Google Mobile Services.

Keys to business interaction, frontline workers spend their days personally serving their company’s most important assets – customers. You now have a device designed to take staff empowerment and customer service to another level by providing workers with everything they need to achieve maximum efficiency with assured reliability: the TC72 Android Full Touch Computer.

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