UDI Labels

Zebra offers a wide variety of printing and applied solutions, with more than 40 years of experience in bar code printing, which allows Zebra to offer advice on compliance with the UDI codes of the FDA, bar code symbologies, scanability and durability that manufacturers can maintain in compliance with safety, and a measurable ROI.

Zebra thermal labels are designed to withstand the sterilization and cleaning agents used in hospitals and clean rooms. In addition, they are available in any size and customized configuration. They offer pre-printing of static information and brand.

Medical device labels are now viewed as a critical mechanism for maintaining compliance, ensuring brand consistency,
improving operational efficiency, and supporting business growth. They are the final link between your company and key
stakeholders including customers, caregivers, patients and regulators.

High Quality. Pre-Tested. Reliable. Genuine Zebra® Supplies
Not all thermal labels are created equal. It is critical that labels you utilize are not only readable and scannable when they leave
your operation, but throughout the products safe and appropriate use and disposal. Purchasing genuine Zebra supplies means
you have access to a large selection of quality, pre-tested, supplies manufactured by a thermal industry expert, reducing your
risk of non-compliance.

Zebra uses consistent processes and materials
• ISO 9001:2008 certified
• We never substitute materials, ensuring consistent
print quality
• Materials are selected to ensure we deliver consistent
high-quality products.
Zebra extensively tests all materials we offer in Zebra
• Testing includes print quality, chemical resistance,
adhesive strength and printer wear and tear.
• UL 969 and IEC 60601-1 certified solutions

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