Zebra DS4308-HC

With the new DS4308-HC on a computer or workstation on wheels, nurses and lab technicians have all the scanning technology they need to prevent deadly healthcare errors and increase patient safety. The DS4308-HC easily captures both standard barcodes and the new bar codes of today 1D and 2D, electronic, printed on paper labels or plastic patient ID cards even if the bar code is dirty, scratched, smudged, poorly printed or on a curved surface, such as a specimen vial or a patient identity wristband. Healthcare workers and patients now have the priceless peace of mind that the right patient receives the right medication and the right test results every time.

Superior out-of-box experience
The DS4308-HC is up and running almost instantly. Smart auto-host detect cables automatically determine which interface is attached, eliminating the need to scan numerous configuration bar codes. Over 90 international keyboards are hosted within the scanner for easy setup, all around the world.

Durable design for superior uptime
Built to survive a 6 ft./1.83 m drop to concrete, the DS4308-HC delivers reliable operation, despite the inevitable everyday drops.

Day and night ‘do-not-disturb’ modes
Healthcare workers can choose to mix and match the decode feedback that is right for the moment: visual (green light/ red light), haptic (vibration) and an audible tone.

Easy on the eyes
Thanks to a special LED wavelength and recessed lighting, when a bar code is scanned, the light that is emitted is soft and unobtrusive, preventing eye fatigue and improving the environment for patients and healthcare workers.

Simplify and reduce the cost of everyday management with our nocost tools. 123Scan2 and Scanner Management Service (SMS ) work hand-in-hand to reduce management time and cost by automating initial configuration and enabling remote management of your DS4308-HC scanners.

– Medication administration
– Blood product administration
– Specimen tracking
– Medication tracking in the pharmacy and on the pharmacy cart
– Electronic healthcare record access
– Patient identification

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