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Zebra MC18 Buying Assistant

Set a new standard of self-service for your customers and improve employee productivity with the MC18 Personal Shopper Mobile Computer for Retail.

Give your customers the ability to scan items as they shop, create gift lists with the push of a button, and save time at the register. Add value to the customer experience with targeted promotions, based on shopping preferences, and empower store employees to manage inventory more efficiently.

Purchasing Assistant delivers a new level of service excellence for customers and a new level of productivity and efficiency for employees.

This multipurpose device is also designed to give employees the tools they need to answer customer questions on the spot, streamline and eliminate errors in inventory management (from shelf replenishment to markdown), and reduce turnaround times. wait at the cash registers.

Choose from the latest versions of the most popular mobile operating systems: Android Lollipop or Windows Embedded Compact 7. Plus, you can easily upgrade Windows MC18 devices to Android.

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