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Zebra MC18 Handheld

The Zebra MC18 Handheld also allows immediate access to information and convenience. And also, allow your customers to read customized articles, also offering a faster checkout process. And also, therefore, it allows the company to know in real time what customers are buying. So, because of this, it allows you to directly and instantly send suggestions and also discount coupons then for the complementary items. And first of all, customers will spend less time in the store, save more and buy more too. So your satisfaction increases and so does the size of your purchase. In addition, the staff can perform price audits, also check prices and finally manage inventory. Due to this, labor productivity is improved and also, the efficiency of the store. And with five industry firsts, you get the most advanced personal shopping device on the market.

And especially relevant, it is the first shopping assistant available on Android KitKat or Windows. In addition, it also provides 1D and 2D barcode reading on paper or screen labels. As a result, it has a large, fully-touch smart screen. And in addition, it also has a new compact base that facilitates integration and a new high-power smart battery. Therefore, which translates to longer service time per device and fewer device purchases. And so it also lowers the cost of capital and increases the return on investment of this solution for personal purchases. As a result, the MC18 is the easiest way to give each customer a personal touch. And you can choose from the latest versions of the operating systems, Android KitKat or Windows Embedded Compact7. And the touchscreen provides a smartphone-like experience.

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