Zebra MC45

Improve customer service and workforce productivity out in the field with the affordable MC45. Your field workforce is your daily touchpoint with your customers. Whether they are repairing equipment, writing up sales or picking up and delivering shipments, how well they are enabled to perform their jobs directly impacts your revenue, customer satisfaction, customer retention and your growth potential.

The MC45 is the affordable way to give your workers access to the real-time information needed to get the job done right, right on the spot preventing lost sales and lost customers.

The MC45 gives you the right mix of features and enterprise rugged design in a compact device that fits in your budget. Workers get sleek styling and one-handed operation, along with the features, durability, security and manageability your business demands. So whether your workforce needs to access maintenance history for a repair, reserve product for a specific delivery date to close a sale, reconcile shipments, process returns or capture proof of delivery, they’ll do it faster and more accurately with the MC45. The result? A field team that is more efficient, able to deliver the kind of service that leads to satisfied, loyal customers.

True field durability
The MC45 is built for life out in the field, able to handle drops, bumps, spills, dust, vibration and the thermal shock that often occurs as workers travel from a climate controlled vehicle to the outdoors.

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