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Zebra PS20 Series Personal Shopping Assistant

The PS20 custom shopping solution builds on the successful and proven MC18, adding features that make this ‘dual function’ device the best in its class. Offer a revolutionary in-store service to your customers, while increasing the productivity of your staff. Store salespeople can click and pick up items to fulfill omnichannel orders online, check prices, provide customer support in the aisle, and streamline checkout lines so customers can checkout quickly.

Give your customers the best personalized shopping experience in the palm of your hand. Shoppers simply pick up the PS20 upon entering your store and picking up their cart, and they scan and bag their purchases. They will know in real time how much is in their basket and where to find the best deals, and they will be able to pay instantly.

The microphone provides voice support so customers can instantly communicate with a store clerk for assistance or interact with a digital assistant. And the new interior positioning guides customers through the most efficient route to pick up their items. Plus, the PS20 isn’t just for grocery stores. Elevate and personalize your customer’s shopping journey at any retail location, from gift registries, returns, and DIY stores, to hardware and big box stores.

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