Zebra RFID Antennas

Simple to deploy and operate in conjunction with fixed RFID readers, the Zebra family of RFID antennas makes any RFID installation easy, efficient and high performing. While each has its own set of capabilities, all offer versatility, power and instant compatibility and will excel in a wide variety of applications.

Zebra’s family of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Antennas offers the versatility and performance required to meet diverse environmental and application needs ,including customer-facing areas, warehouses and outdoor
environments. When used in conjunction with Zebra’s Fixed RFID Readers, communication with Electronic Product Code (EPC™)-compliant RFID tags is accurate, fast and efficient. Vital components in reader-tag communications,
our family of efficient, high-performance antennas can meet the needs of any RFID solution. To help you seamlessly and successfully integrate your RFID Antennas into your environment, Zebra offers a complete suite of services that span the entire solution lifecycle from initial planning and assessment through ongoing training and support.

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