Zebra Solution ID QuickCard

Zebra’s QuikCard Professional Photo ID Kit gives any size organization the power to create professional-quality identification, security and commerce-related cards. Pair it with any Zebra card printer to meet your specific requirements for an end-to-end solution.

This affordable, all-inclusive starter kit makes it simple for your organization to quickly and easily set up a professional ID system or other photo card program with the quality and professional appearance you require.

The QuikCard Professional Photo ID Kit Includes:

• Zebra CardStudio™ Professional edition design software, which includes templates for easy and fast creation of a variety of card types.
• A USB high-resolution digital camera for capturing photo ID pictures.
• A genuine Zebra™ card supplies starter kit (a supply of 700 cards, available with or without magnetic stripe).
• Easy-to-assemble portable backdrop with adjustable stand.

CardStudio Software (Professional Edition)
• Zebra Quick Design Templates: Drastically reduces the time necessary to create professionally designed cards with high-quality graphics. Easy-to-use template designs quickly allow creation of custom card designs while bypassing the learning curve normally associated with card design software.

• Quick Card Designer: Collection of standard card design backgrounds, logos, and design elements (with associated datafiles) for quickly creating custom card designs by editing text, data and graphics of predesigned cards; or build your own unique card design.

• Languages supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Czech and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

• Software features include: Full-color design capabilities (single- and double-sided cards); image acquisition (VFW, TWAIN, WIA, DS, File); printing variables (date, time, counters, concatenation and keyboard input); 1-D and 2-D barcodes complete library; magnetic encoding (ISO, JIS).

• Database Management Connect your database to seamlessly import data for multiple card-production applications.

• Advanced Encoding and Security: Encode magnetic-stripe cards, contact or contactless smart cards and UHF RFID cards using security features with password-protected logins for multiple users.

Photo ID USB Digital Camera
• High-Resolution Photo ID Camera: Capture high-resolution, color digital images with the easy-to-install and easy-to-use camera. Just insert the camera USB cable into a computer USB port for plug-and-play connection.

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