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Zebra TC20 Mobile Computer

Running a small business means working hard. But it’s easy to find the tool that will help you better manage it. Available in a full touch or keyboard model, the TC20 mobile computer has the best design, the best features for your business, and the best price. The TC20 computer is designed to survive business environments with integrated barcode scanning, push-to-talk functionality, a specially designed Zebra OneCare service plan, and a PowerPack battery that keeps it running through the unexpected. Get this small business tool that gives you more than any other. More time. More money. More sales. More productivity. TC20: the ideal tool for small businesses.

For 45 years, Zebra has been developing innovative mobile devices for the world’s largest retailers, bringing efficiency, sales and profitability to each of its stores. Now with the TC20 computer, you can apply that same innovation to your store. The TC20 mobile computer brings together all the features you need to save time and money, increase sales and drive profitability in your store, all from the palm of your hand.

Drop it to the ground. Pour water on it. Use it in a dirty warehouse, in the rain, in extreme heat or in freezing temperatures. The TC20 computer stands up to everything.

Smartphone cameras are not made to scan barcodes; that’s why the TC20 computer delivers the same scanning technology trusted by most of the world’s retailers.


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