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Zebra TC20 Mobile Terminal

The Zebra TC20 Mobile terminal brings together all the functions to save time and money. And also, increase sales, either from the palm of your hand. The most remarkable thing is its resistance to everything, falls to the floor, splashes of water, dust. And also, ideal for use in the rain and places with extreme heat or sub-zero temperatures. Plus, most remarkably, its battery lasts all day and just activate the innovative PowerPack and keep working. And, it provides the same scanning technology that most of the world’s retailers use on a day-to-day basis. In addition, any type of printed and electronic barcode can then be captured instantly and simply. In addition, however it does not matter if it is in good or bad condition, it will be as easy as taking a photograph. And then, to capture many barcodes, use the detachable trigger handle.

In addition, you can also document all kinds of information with the 8MP color camera and autofocus. So whether it’s from damages and returns to driver’s licenses for credit card purchases. Most notably, therefore, it provides simplicity, due to the fact that it requires no training. Either as a smartphone, turning it into a business tool. And also, it also has the popular Android operating system, large screen and easy to see indoors and outdoors. And also, programmable buttons to instantly access the most frequently used functions and applications. So it works as a radio too, so with the push of a button, you can be in communication with your equipment. And you also get faster, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, plus wireless that is just as reliable and fast as wired. Finally, it allows charging the battery of touch and keyboard models, touch models with or without the trigger handle.

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