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Zebra TC70 Laptop Computer

The Zebra TC70 Laptop is functional for employees who must have business-class mobile computers. Either to communicate and access information without problems and to better assist your customers. And in turn, they want a device that is as comprehensive and easy to use as their own personal devices. So you can offer both, because of the Symbol TC70, Extensions (Mx), it makes Android a truly enterprise operating system. What’s more, the rugged design perfectly withstands even the harshest environments and can also function as a two-way radio. Then you can automate the capture of virtually any type of business intelligence with the built-in camera and reader. As a result, the comprehensive range of accessories and their state-of-the-art technology will be extremely useful tools for your business. And then, finally with the ones that you will achieve an unmatched return on investment.

Additionally, customer service in retail, manufacturing, and operations can be optimized with the TC70. And also, it provides maximum data entry flexibility with an industry-leading dual-mode touch panel. So, therefore, you give your users the possibility to choose their preferred method for data entry. Either finger and gloved finger or finger and stylus, ideal for crisp signature capture. Also, especially relevant, the smart display adjusts automatically and as needed, contrary to the competition. And its large 4.7 ”screen takes the capacitive touch experience to the next level, so it works even when wet. And because of world-class data capture, it provides tools needed to work faster and smarter. Finally, workers can capture 1D and 2D barcodes regardless of environmental conditions in no time.

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