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Zebra TC8300 Touch Computer

We take the design of the world’s most revolutionary business touch computer and add the best feature set for everything you need. Best application performance. Maximum ease of use. The best data capture options. The maximum ease of migration to Android. The best security. Maximum manageability. All in the same revolutionary design with unprecedented ergonomics that minimize movement and provide workers with high-level comfort and a 14% * increase in productivity.

We eliminate complications during the migration to Android: Terminal Emulation (TE) applications work without prior configuration on the TC8300 computer. No need to modify administrative operations or train users. With the included preloaded and licensed full touch terminal emulation, you can easily turn your “green screens” into intuitive touchscreens without the need for programming.

The ultra-powerful processor and vast memory space provide instant application response times. The most advanced Wi-Fi technologies provide ultra-fast and reliable Wi-Fi connections. The latest Bluetooth technology maximizes the performance of peripherals, from printers to headphones.

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