Zebra VH10 / VH10F

Every day, forklift and other material handling equipment operators must move more product in, through and out of a warehouse than ever before. Not only are customers placing smaller and more frequent orders, they are also often requiring direct delivery to their customers. The VH10 vehicle-mounted mobile computer delivers it all: a high level of efficiency and accuracy and ready accessibility to real-time information throughout a supply chain operation.

With the VH10f you get true frost and condensation free operation in freezers with touchscreen and board heaters, smart temperature sensors that automatically control the heaters and heating speed, an elastomeric keyboard that works despite icing and more.

Use the same mounts, accessories and applications you have today for your prior Zebra vehicle mount mobile computers, allowing you to cost-consciously upgrade to the latest technologies to improve productivity, customer service and satisfaction.

Only Zebra offers support for Wi-Fi and Narrowband, bringing you the best of both worlds. Support for 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi provides compatibility with virtually any wireless LAN and plenty of bandwidth to support the modern graphical user interfaces of today’s demanding applications. Narrowband support provides robust, affordable and secure wireless connectivity for simple data transactions in expansive outdoor areas such as seaports, rail yards, airports and expansive outdoor yards in manufacturing plants — regardless of the presence of obstacles that typically create coverage holes, such as metal containers, liquids or even other 2.4 GHz wireless networks.

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