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Zebra WT6000 Notebook

The Zebra WT6000 Notebook offers the ability to exercise hands-free, thus boosting productivity. And it’s an Android-capable laptop that has set a new standard for business use. Because it is smaller and lighter than others on the market. Then, due to its new mounting system, it facilitates its transfer regardless of the size of the arm. And due to its size, the touch screen provides more space to display Android graphic applications. In addition, with NFC integration it allows workers to use the tap-to-pair function, and then instantly pairs Bluetooth-enabled devices, ring-style scanners, printers and headsets at the start of the shift. Due to this function makes it easy to implement a voice-directed hands-free solution, and the rugged design for industrial environments ensures work in even the toughest conditions.

Therefore, it maximizes comfort, durability and productivity, most notably, its compact size, 27% lighter and 36% less volume. And especially relevant, its innovative and ergonomic design is smaller than previous generations of similar devices. In addition, it offers more control in industrial environments, and also resistant and prepared for the most difficult environments. Also, it is resistant to dust, jets of water, and created to sustain so many temperatures inside a freezer. And be it, also like 1,000 cartwheels during drops, in addition, Corning® Gorilla® Glass3 technology strengthens the screen against scratches. Because this is the most vulnerable part of a mobile computer. And in addition, it offers a larger and more tactile screen, then improve productivity. It also provides more room to view key information, and the ability to easily enter data with gloves on. Most notably, it works even when wet and the expected Android performance.

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