Zebra ZXP Series 1

The ZXP Series 1 printer is designed to meet the needs of today’s demanding business environment. Save time with the Zebra Printer for cards and printer for cards Generate your designs! Saves, time and money. With the Zebra ZXP printer, you can print in credentials in as little as 6 seconds for monochrome cards and 20 seconds in color. tarjetas monocomáticas y 20 segundo a color.

Everything You Need to Print Professional-Quality Cards
Set up your card printing system and begin producing photo IDs in minutes with the Zebra QuikCard ID Solution—no software expertise necessary. It includes everything you need to quickly and costeffectively make professionalquality identification, security and commerce-related cards.
Easy and Complete Solution
This easy-to-use, end-to-end
solution makes it simple for any
size organization to produce highquality
professional ID badges.
The Feature- and Value-Packed
Kit Includes:
• Zebra ZXP Series 1 full-color,
single-sided card printer, available
with or without magnetic stripe
• Zebra CardStudio™ Standard
edition software with quick
design templates for fast custom
creation of a variety of card types.
• A USB digital webcam for
capturing photo ID pictures.
• A genuine Zebra™ supplies
starter kit (one color ribbon,
100 PVC cards).
• Two-year limited warranty

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