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Zebra’s ET50 / ET55

The Zebra ET50 / ET55, with an executive profile, however, helps increase productivity. And benefit from a return on investment to also empower your workforce. And then through true commercial class tablets. Therefore, in this way, you get elegant design and great durability. And it also has a battery of exceptional power and that at all times allows you a quick capture. Either, any type of commercial data allowing greater data security and centralized administration in 1D and 2D codes. And also even photos and NFCm tags, finally, regardless of whether its users are inside or outside the premises. In addition, the comprehensive family of commercial accessories makes it easy to customize the device. Thus, the specific needs of virtually any job are met. Finally, the most remarkable thing is that you can choose between the AndroidTM system or also the Windows.

So finally, with AndroidT, you include Mx by adding features that transform Android from a generic product to an OS. Plus true business class and security, device management, data capture capabilities, and more. Also, especially relevant, resistant and ready to go, indoors and outdoors. So the ET50 / 55 models are built from the inside out to withstand continuous commercial use. Finally, also even if your employees drop and spill drinks on it or use it in the rain. And also, even in snow or very dusty areas, they can still enjoy continuous and reliable operation. As a result, the IP65 sealing offers a dust-tight, waterproof design from a full-power hose. And also built to withstand a 1m drop, it can nearly double the drop specification thanks to the sturdy frame. And capture 1D or 2D code, from greater distance and speed.

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