Return to Normality: What’s Next Post-Covid?

by | Jun 1, 2021

If you are one of the people who still says: “I want everything to be normal again” or “when this happens, everything will go back to the way it was before,” we regret to tell you that you are not seeing the whole picture.


The arrival of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) brought a world of unprecedented actions that we did not even imagine could happen in our times. The rapid expansion of the virus had a very big toll for all the countries in the world.

Since the first confirmed cases in November 2019, to date, it has left the world in lockdown, with closed schools, closed businesses, operations stopped, financial crisis and more than 130 million cases of COVID 19 worldwide.

However, just as it was obvious a pandemic caused by this virus, it is also clear that it will not go away very soon, therefore, we have to learn to live with all the safety precautions that have been implemented to try to control the spread of the virus.

Real-time mapping:

The new normal

Even with the expansive vaccination campaign that has been critical in the US, companies and businesses will have to get used to the implementation of sanitary measures to avoid and prevent infections caused by the new coronavirus, these health protocols being a guarantee not only to safeguard the health of their employees, but an essential requirement to return to its operations and activities.

What’s Next Post-Covid?

The long-awaited return of operations brings with it a world of unprecedented situations that challenge us to live differently and to respect health protocols that are increasingly strict, and to be ready in case another respiratory pandemic comes in the future.

But then what’s next? What follows is to ensure that companies adequately comply with safety regulations and at the same time ensure the safety of their employees, it is time for everything to work in the best possible way.




RSI México, together with our suppliers ISS and Axis, leaders in the development of video analytics and the protection of people and properties, have developed solutions that guarantee the control and monitoring of all the security protocols, as well as the identification of your employees at the short, medium and long distances.

The solutions that we present range from the use of the facial recognition for access control, thus ensuring that the person doesn’t touch any device, avoiding transmission of any virus or bacteria.

Using facial recognition you can distinguish age, sex, glasses, etcetera; working with a high volume live video system of photo files and the ability to integrate with other systems such as access control.

You can also monitor the temperature of your employees and visitors with the integration of thermal sensors to scan body temperature through security cameras, detecting the temperature quickly and without contact, alerting when the temperature thresholds are exceeded.

Another accessory that is already part of our daily lives is the mask, this accessory becomes increasingly essential in public spaces, so it is important to identify which of your employees does not have a mask, to notify a direct supervisor and trigger an action.

With our solutions you can monitor social distancing, and have automatic systems asking the employees to keep the correct distance in hallways and offices.

The solutions are so innovative that you can even detect which of your employees has a cough, giving an alert that may prevent the spread of disease.

These Post-Covid solutions combine technology and adaptability, to have unmatched results that will guarantee that your employees are complying with each requirement.

It is very possible that new normal will be anything but normal, therefore the key is to adapt and prevent.

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